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Think about wholesome, think about oneness; think about being at peace with you and loving yourself unconditionally. This is the hardest thing to do for many reasons like upbringing and your aspects of life, sometimes we are so scared. Once you overcome these matters and start to connect with your mind and heart that will lead you towards connecting with your soul then first thing will happen your fear will run away.

About me



I discovered that I had a gift at the age of 7.  Before becomingconscious of this, I often used to see spirits and converse with them. I spoketo my friends about what I was experiencing .They told me I was crazy and thusmaking me think that I actually i was.

Maa Bachni was an older spiritual lady that lived in my village, she noticedthat I was struggling to understand what was happening around me and theemotions I was experiencing but not able to understand.  She helped me tonurture and refine my gift, showing me how to control the many aspects itinvolved without affecting my everyday existence.


I have found with my experiences in the spiritual world, each of us has a gift;all of us have psychic powers. Numerous people refer to them as gutfeelings whilst others call it their inner intuition.  What I have come torealize is that most of us tend to ignore this gift due to our upbringing,surroundings, situations and our lack of personal confidence.  Once we begintuning in and commence listening, life will unfold in a much simpler and easiermanner.  Even if we do go through pain, the pain will no longer be of thesame calibre because we will have established a far greater understanding ofthe pain we need to experience to have grow within ourselves and seekenlightening.


I would like to share a story with you.


There was a baby Eagle, whose parents passed away while he was young. He foundhimself alone, lost and lonely wandering in destitute and extremely hungryuntil he was adopted and reared by a brood of hens. He learnt to adapt livingas a hen, pecking with his beak and scratching at the ground in search of food,never having a need to use his wings. He was happy and content knowing that hisappearance was different amongst those he lived with.


One day a Holy man whilst travelling walked past the brood.

He was astonished and not quite believing what he saw.  But oddly enoughan eagle was behaving in the same manner as a hen.


Seizing the eagle and took the bird into craggy, rough terrain of the mountains.Screeching and shouting, the Eagle demanded to know what was happening. “Whatare you doing? Where are you taking me?”

“I want to show you your true destiny. You are a unique, magnificent life formwhose ability is not held by many others. You are an Eagle; you are the King ofthe sky. Those living on the ground admire and are in awe of you. You are notmeant to be living on the ground with a brood; you should be flying and soaringamongst the beauty of the sky.”


Throughout the altercation the Eagle fought hard to escape and run from hiscaptor. But the holy man remained stoic, determined to show the eagle its truepath.  Once they reached the peak of the mountain he cast the eagle intothe air releasing his strong grip. The eagle screeched with horror and terror.His eyes remaining shut tight, petrified with the fearful thoughts that he wasspiralling down, and plummeting towards the bottom of the mountain. “Open youreyes. Open your eyes. For goodness sake see what you can see, not every being hasa change to explore and see the world from your view point!” the Holy man roared.


With reluctance, the eagle slowly opened his eyes, to his amazement not onlywas he soaring amongst the clouds with other birds but also he was able to see themost picturesque vista of the mountains, lakes, forests and vast open greenplots down below him.


I was taught how important it was to listen to my inner self and recognizethe gifts that had been given to me. Sometimes, as with the eagle we needto be shown the path, when we think we are actually falling we happen to be flying. Itis important for us to understand and know who we are and that we have aninfinitive amount of knowledge.


I was one of the lucky ones; firstly I wish to thank Maa Bachini who helped met get things under control so that I was able to open, close and block my channelsas I needed. I didn’t wish to follow the path of being a clairvoyant and ahealer; I wanted to be a normal teenager. I used to see my gift as a burden.Each time I escaped my gift, life became heavy because I wasn’t doing justicewith my gift of healing and enlightening others. When I do healings: I can see,hear or just know; or experience a combination of all three. I see things indifferent colours and have mastered the different hues into past, present andfuture. The colours that I see, I work with to heal others through the help ofmy guides. It is all thanks to someone showing me the path and not allowing mygift to be wasted.








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