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We have many blessings in our life. In our world, sometimes we recognise these blessings sometimes we don’t, however all are present.


Rishi Awakeanand --- is one of those very blessings.

He is not only a man of kind words and open heart, but also an authentic evolved soul with a very rare gift since childhood.


Rishi has the ability to bring awareness and light into the darkest soul.

He has a deep connection not only with conscious and universal truth but also a soul connection to each and every person he meets.


Through this deep connection in which he resides, he can move into a space of love and healing transcending and clearing your deepest fears

and opening your heart to your greatest gift… self love.


His sincere gentleness, quietness and guidance will always support your tender journey in life as it opens the doors to the Oneness.

Rishi is a man of high morals, values and principles, one could say “ he walks his talk”.


He lives in communion with his higher self and is guided by his innate wisdom, all while sharing the love and knowledge of the universe to all who ask. Rishi has an ability to see beyond, deep into your psyche, deep into the unseen.

His profound clairvoyance is unmistakably accurate witnessed by thousands of people all over the world changing lives and healing seemingly hopeless situations.


Rishi was also blessed with not only an extraordinary clairvoyance but also an ability to intuitively see into the human body and recognise the imbalance occurring. With his Innate wisdom of the body he is then able to create balance in order to bring about healing.


Rishi can guide you into a life of true happiness, peace and freedom. He is an extraordinary man sent to humanity by the Grace of God. He is truly a blessing in the lives of all.  



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